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Le rosé de La Siranière 2018

Grenache 50%, Cinsault 50%. Beautiful bright pale dress, well in the standard new generation rosés. First nose on light floral notes then a little dried fruit, well balanced mouth.

Minervois La Livinière 2012

Syrah 47%, Grenache 53%. Deep black dress, nose with a dominant grenache with it fruit so recognizable complemented by notes of garrigue (menthol and camphor).


Medaille dor Macon 2015

guide hachette

guide hubert

Livinage 2017

Minervois Génus 2016

Syrah 36%, Grenache 52%, Carignan 13%., Dark dress, the crunchy of the fruit is dominant as son as the first olfactory, full attack,a mouth very condensed, final on the fresh fruit. Taste now for the one who like condensed wine, 5 years for the one who search a appeased wine.

Medaille argent Concours General Agricole Paris 2012

Medaille dor Macon 2015

Minervois La Livinière 2013

Syrah 80%, Grenache 20%. Dark eye, the nose of a breeding wine harmoniously combines the aromas of wine and those of a long maturing in barrels. Notes of sour cherrie and roasting. A mouth in density, a final fresh on notes of garrigue.

Medaille dor Macon 2015


Livinage 2016

Minervois Génus 2017

Syrah 38%, Grenache 49%, Carignan 13%., Dense color, warm nose, Mediterranean. Massive mouth, greasy attack, silky tannins, final on sweet spices.

Minervois La Livinière 2014

Syrah 78%, Grenache 15%, Carignan 7%. Black dress dark, pretty compote of red fruits complemented by red spices ( cinnamon and paprika) mouth very full with tannins melted without aggessiveness.


Medaille dor Macon 2015

guide hachette

guide hubert

Livinage 2019

Minervois Les Garennes 2016

Syrah 70%, Grenache 24%, Carignan 6%. Nose of hot vapours, roasting, we feel the sun. Full attack, the wine take up all the mouth but without aggressiveness, very thin grain of tannin.

Minervois La Livinière Excelsus 2015

Syrah 67%, Grenache 27%, Carignan 6%. Notes of compote fruit, a mouth patina, notes or reaning in barrel supplement the aromatic palette identified in the nose. A wine to raise in the cellar to domesticate its southem passion.


terre de vin

Medaille dor Macon 2015

Minervois Les Garennes 2017

Syrah 15%, Grenache 77%, Carignan 8%. Purplish red color, greedy nose, jam of blackberries and blueberries. Mouth with a creamy attack, fine tannins, spicy finish.

Minervois La Livinière Excelsus 2016

Syrah 80%, Grenache 20%. Dark dress, a scientist mixing of black fruit, roasting and bourbon vanilla. A mouth very condensed, a wine who must be rest quietly in cellar for to be able appraise the most.

Minervois La Livinière Les Capitelles 2016

Syrah 52%, Grenache 42%, Carignan 6%. Dark dress, nose with dominant black fruit, brown spice, with a touch off pepper and camphor, sweet mouth, beautiful length whithout asperity. A gentleness along all the wine tasting.

Minervois La Livinière Excelsus 2017

Syrah 79%, Grenache 21%. Nose of black fruits, camphor, menthol. Greasy mouth, roasted finish and mineral tension.

Minervois La Livinière Les Capitelles 2017

Syrah 52%, Grenache 42%, Carignan 6%. Dark black dress, nose of stewed black fruits, tapenade topped with notes of freshness, scrubland, thyme, rockrose, ample mouth, dense, mediterranean.

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